Wedding Party

Mai-Vy Hoang

Maid of Honor

We met in third grade and our friendship has only gotten stronger over the years. Mai-Vy is the absolute best travel buddy and friend a girl could ask for! We’ve been to the Caribbean Islands where we partied on a cruise, tanned our way along the coast of Europe, and traveled all the way to Vietnam together. It's always such an adventure filled with constant laughter when we hang out. Her love for fashion and food are two reasons why we get along so well. Mai-Vy is the sweetest, maybe most awkward person in the room, but definitely someone you want to dance around with and can count on for a good time. She’s been like a sister to me over the last 10 years and I know she will continue to be someone to put a smile on my face for years to come.

Kaili Petersen


Kai kai, the best big sister I could ask for. She has this calming, kind presence about her that is mixed with just the right amount of weirdness. You’ll find her playing disc golf, cuddled up with a blanket over her head watching tv, or hanging out with her fur baby, Koji. I love her cute dimples and how tiny her hands are. So much grace in her golf swing. She can cook & bake like she just won Top Chef. She can be competitive and quite feisty at times. Kaili is a small package with a big kick. Most of all, she is a great person with a heart of gold. Honest. Loyal. Hardworking. I love spending time together whether it’s playing games at home, trying out a new restaurant, or checking out a new rooftop bar. I feel lucky to have her in my life.

Kelsi Bungert


My little sister who is always so stylish and cute. One of my favorite things about Kelsi is the way she tells a story. I am always entertained by her and often find myself laughing hysterically when we’re together. Kelsi is funny, sassy, and very caring and thoughtful. We both love to get a good tan and can lay out in the sun or swim around for hours. With her rosy cheeks and sparkling smile, Kelsi is likely partying it up or shredding the gnar out on the slopes. She has quite the talent for styling hair and doing makeup, so you know who to hit up for any tips. Kelsi is a great listener and someone I can go to for a good, deep conversation about life. I know that her positive energy and helpful spirit will help make my wedding day that much more special!

Amber Gamez


One of the best decisions I made in high school was joining yearbook and drama class because that’s where I met Amber. Sleepovers. Beach days. Concerts. Nights on the boat. Dances. Drinking Tequila. Becoming dog moms. The list goes on and on. From high school where we were young girls trying to figure out what life was all about, to college where Amber took a road trip with me to start my first year in San Francisco. As we moved into adulthood, our friendship has been something that I could always rely on. Nothing ever too embarrassing to tell each other and no amount of time that could pass that would make me feel any less about our friendship. Amber is my go-to girl. I know we will always stay connected till we’re old and grey.

Shannon Adkins


Who knew that meeting a guy off of Tinder would mean meeting a new girlfriend too? Shannon (and her bf, Sean) were the first friends I met of Stefano’s. We have now officially become the Chili Peppa’s or for short, the Pep’s. Shannon is my cool, trendy friend and fellow dog mom. She is super reliable, easy-going, and adventurous. We’ve embraced the yacht life, Yosemite life, Dead and Company life, and the Santa Monica / Venice life together. Shannon was one of my biggest motivators in running the LA Marathon and I love that she is always up for a challenge, just like me! I always look forward to our game nights, dinners, and going out for drinks (where sometimes we get carried away and have way too many lol). Celebrating our wedding day wouldn’t be the same without Shan by my side!

Rikki-Lynn Trinci


Rikki is someone with strong, honest opinions and a great sense of humor. Very similar to the man I’m marrying so no surprise there that they are related! She’s someone that will rally behind you and support you no matter what! I love her excitement in the little things, like getting her hair or nails done, finding a good song to jam to, or buying new workout clothes. Rikki is strong-willed and a very hard worker. She takes her work seriously and really cares for the people in her circle. I always love going to NY to spend time with her, lounging around, playing Taboo, and sipping on a good white wine. I know that she’ll be found getting wild up on the dance floor at our wedding and rallying behind me with nothing but encouragement. So blessed to gain another sister in my life.

Demi Trinci


My little Dems! I love her weird voices that I have admittedly adopted myself when I call Brady my little baby, I love our mutual interest in fitness and nutrition, and I love that she is always working hard to hit her goals (even if that means endless hours of studying). Demi is a smart cookie. She’s not only academically intelligent, I feel like she is wiser than most girls her age. It’s easy to talk to Demi because she’s relatable, straight-forward, and true to herself. If we lived closer, she’d be drinking lots of coffee with me, probably indulging in some sweets together, and we would definitely become work out partners. She enjoys pretty flowers, having rings on every finger (lol), exercising, and finding different ways to better balance her life. Love you Dems!

Mike Martin

Best Man

Day one at the UAlbany bunk-room, the first person I have the pleasure of meeting, the Legend, the one, the only, Mike Martin. Over 10 years ago, so crazy. Just thinking of this guy gives me energy and makes me feel like I should be on the go!!! They don't call him Mikey Moves for nothing. Add that to a list of many reasons I love this dude. Always willing to hear me out on my crazy thoughts and ideas, and the first person to say 'YES' and be down at the drop of a dime. So many incredible memories...concerts, our dope Woodlake apartment, first trip to LA/San Diego, Vegas, Cancun, SKYDIVING, Boston/NYC adventures, some brownies...the list goes on! Such a great friend I can always rely on for anything no matter what, truly like a brother to me!!!

Dan Gruter

Best Man

My brother from another mother!!! Gruter and I met at Spring Break in Cancun over 6 years ago. Since then, you can add two more Cancun trips to that, and two amazing years living together in Boston as partners in crime. When I think of Gruter I can't help but laugh (reference photo above). I can still remember standing on a stage in front of a sea of people at the biggest club in Boston, dressed up like Dick-in-a-Box characters and looking at each other dying laughing. If you know us together, you know that is the level we are operating at 99% of the time. I challenge you to approach Dan with a drink in your hand and walk away without a smile on your face. Won't happen, guaranteed!

Skyler Wildermuth


THE BEARCAT! Given our age gap as brothers, we were always able to connect on an intellectual level even at such an early age. I can remember like yesterday plotting our Madden plays on Xbox with the Bengals, that old 1-2 punch of Palmer and Ochocinco. Always having deep and thoughtful conversations about life, Sky was always well beyond his years. I always feel relaxed and at ease when talking things through with Skyler. I walk away with a sense of gratitude because when I look at Skyer I see someone who is happy and confident in who and where he is no matter what anyone around him thinks. Sky's energy will have you walking away feeling like you just met the most peaceful dude of your life!

Shane Wildermuth


THE SHAZ MAN! When I think of Shane, I think of a passionate, ride or die type of guy. LOYAL. If Shane is in your corner, you know you have a soldier - even if it means tossing back countless amounts of the strongest Oktoberfest beers I have ever had in my life (see above). Shane is the definition of your gritty younger brother, always looking for a challenge. That can be anything from a wrestling match no matter the time or place to taking on any dare you can possibly think of just for him to prove you wrong. Keep your eyes peeled for the Shaz Man, he will likely be winning a drinking competition, laughing, and looking for his next challenger!

Sean Belsky


Living the California dream with my guy Belsky for the past 3+ years has been amazing! After moving out West, we quickly became family. Countless nights at the Bungalow and some crazy times. From bike rides down to Venice always checking out our favorite artists, spontaneous trips to Shamrock for tats, Road Trips out to Joshua Tree to get in touch with nature, to glamping at its finest in Yosemite, so many epic memories! My first music festival, Desert Trip with the Legends in the Desert, the absolute TRIP of a lifetime. The kids are alright!!! This guy has changed me as a person. I am different and think differently because of his influence and I'm a better person for it!

Ryan Belsky


My fellow 463 BROTHER! Living in this house with my guy Belsky, was some of the greatest times of my life. The parties that took place just outside of our bedroom doors, second to none!!!! Aside from the fun and crazy, I could always count on Ryan to connect on such a deep level of conversation that is very unique to anything I could ever compare it to. I can't think of a more strong minded, opinionated person, and that is exactly why I respect this dude so much! No matter how heavy the conversation or where a silly political talk can lead us (even if I am just pushing his buttons for fun lol), we are always laughing and hugging it out at the end. I have nothing but brotherly love for my guy!

Steve Jones


Mr. Reply Chug himself. The original TPC! I have never made more jokes about a single human being in my life than I have about Steve Jones. And let me tell you, he takes it like a champ every single time and always returns with a jab, albeit a very soft jab. Whenever I would be looking to make a mischievous play for a night of fun, it would be safe to say I would pull Steve aside to share the plan first lol, always my go-to guy! Even if that would mean driving down to San Diego to watch the Super Bowl with a girl that I had known for less than two weeks.... Remi, of course :) Steve is a great guy, and if you can't find him with a shirt that looks like a picnic tablecloth chatting it up at the bar, he's probably out looking for the local Taco Bell.